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Narellan Netball Club is spearheading an exciting an innovative approach to netball for everyone from age 5 and up.

Netball provides opportunities for everyone

Netball caters to all ages and abilities, from age 5 and up. Whether you have never played before or have aspirations of playing to the highest and most competitive level, there is an opportunity for everyone to be involved. Learn more about registration options and how to get involved.

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netball for everyone


Not just weekend warriors, get involved in coaching, umpiring and more.


Competitive pathways or just for fun, we understand not one size fits all.


From uniforms to communication, new perspectives and ideas.


Going above and beyond to remove traditional barriers to play.


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Get insight into the club and learn what to expect

Narellan Netball Club was established to challenge the status quo and provide an alternative club for members, focusing not just on Saturday games, but on creating a community that supports all aspects of our members experience with us.


Pricing options that fit your budget and goals

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Frequently Asked

Can I cancel my membership?

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Can I freeze my membership?

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What is the class cancellation policy?

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What kinds of classes are right for me?

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Frequently asked questions

When can I register?

Registrations openJanuary 202

An in person registration for new members will be held on 21st January 2024, where uniforms and training shirts will be available for try on

Can I play with my friends?

Like most clubs in the association, we are a grading club. This process aims to provide a fair and balanced competition by placing players of similar skill levels together. Not all players are graded and we do our best to minimize disruption to teams where possible. Visit our governance page to review our grading policy.

How much does it cost?

Registration fees vary depending on age and competition played. Visit this link for a complete rundown of the Winter competition for 2024.

When do we train and play?

Games are played at the Narellan Sports Hub, Porrende Street, Narellan, on a Saturday. Training is also held at this location on Wednesdays, our designated training night.

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Narellan netball club sponsors

Narellan Netball Club partners with sponsors to help them build trust and engagement but also, strengthen community awareness and emotive connection. With their support, we are able to keep fees as low as possible and ensure we can invest in the resources we need to deliver an exceptional member experience

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